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Join the network today! Submit your application and you will be able to immediately access your account. You will be able to log into your account, change your information, search the database by state to find people near you. Contact members by email to initiate a conversation.

You can use this tool to form groups, to join groups, to build relationships and to find established communities. You can also list your skills, products and merchandise and form a network of people to buy, sell, trade and barter between. Make yourself self-sufficient for what is coming by building your trusted community network now.

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How to Use Survival Tribe Network


Survival Tribe Network is a listing of people for you to connect and network with. Use our network to build your community and find people to barter, sell and trade between.

The time is coming when we will find those old skills of our grandparents are needed once again. Connecting with people now to learn and share skills to grow a strong community will ensure your success. If you are not prepared then you are not prepared to fight.

To contact individuals or groups within the network do so by using email listed. Describe the reason for your message and put Tribe in the subject line to flag your message. Introduce yourself, provide a clear message and please be kind and patient.

This is an opportunity for you to meet people and groups, to grow your groups and to make a pathway to buying and selling your products and skills. We will only be as successful as your effort.

The need for people to form survival groups and be self-reliant is more important now than ever before.

Join us to preserve and restore our Freedoms.

We are challenged by global, national, and even local forces putting at risk our freedoms of speech, of self defense, of privacy, of medical choice and others. Visit our website to take urgent action now.

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Communication / Information Alerts

Keep up to date using our Community Communication Board for warnings, alerts, Notifications and information. We will identify concerns and news so you can co-ordinate with others and be aware.